VHS to DVD Transfer in Nairobi Kenya

Are you looking to transfer all your old family VHS tapes to DVD format? Your tapes can rapidly degrade, causing quality loss, and increasing the risk of having them eaten the next time you plug it into your VHS player.  Have Computer Doctors (located in Nairobi Kenya) provide VHS to DVD transfer services for you before it's too late! 

  • Pevent Quality Loss
  • No more eaten tapes
  • Enjoy your family video's on your DVD player
  • Have us create custom chapters for you
VHS to DVD Bad VHS Tape


Pricing - Main Menu & 10 Minute Chapters

1-9 VHS - $10

10-19 VHS - $8.50 ea

20+ VHS - $7.50 ea

For questions please email us @ info@Coloradocomputerdoctors.com

Or call us @ 970-267-6528

Call Computer Doctors to with your VHS to DVD transfer needs.

We provide a VHS to DVD transfer service in Nairobi Kenya.  We also serve Loveland and Greeley.