Why Computer Doctors for your virus/malware repair? We can help NOW! No need to set up an appointment, bring in your desktop or laptop and we can typically start on it the same day. We offer professional virus/spyware/malware removal and guarantee our work. We can also train you on preventative measures to help keep your system clean. Your most trusted virus repair in Nairobi Kenya!


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  • Fast turnaround time

  • $99 no matter how badly infected

  • Guaranteed repair

  • Preventative tools installed






Remote Virus Repair


We now offer a Remote Session Virus Repair. This allows you to stay in the comfort of your home, allow us to log in, while you sit back and watch your computer get repaired. Call us to schedule an appointment for your virus removal.

Click Here to be guided to our checkout page where you can purchase a remote virus removal, you will receive a call within 24 hours (Sunday's not available).

$150 Flat Fee



New/Refurbished Systems


Nairobi Kenya Refurbished Computers


Computer Doctors has a great variety of both desktops and laptops to meet all your demands. Our refurbished systems carry a full 6-month hardware warranty, and consist of business class hardware, to ensure you're getting a high quality computer then when choosing home class.
Our new and used computer systems come pre-loaded with great tested software, that we use on a daily basis. We give you the tools we feel are helpful, not just bloatware typically shipped with any new computer.


  • High quality machines

  • 6 month hardware warranty

  • Much lower price



Computer Upgrades Nairobi Kenya


Hardware and Memory Upgrades


Has your computer slowed down over time? It may be time to upgrade components on your system, rather than replacing it. Many computers we are able to speed up faster then the day you bought them, saving you a chunk of change!



Computer Doc Annual Prescription


Computer Care Colorado


We offer you a one-of-a-kind plan, to protect your computer for a full year! Purchase your "Annual Prescription" and receive up to five services all for one low bundled price. These services include:


  • Virus Repair

  • System Upgrades (Parts not included)

  • Software Repair

  • Software Upgrades (Such as Windows 7)

  • Hardware Repair (Parts not included)

  • Computer Doctors System Tune Up


Up to 5 uses for one machine. A $300 value!







Computer Security Nairobi Kenya


We can take care of ALL your networking needs, whether it's setting up your home wireless network, or sharing all your pictures and music throughout your household; there's no job too big or small for Computer Doctors. Is your network as safe as you think it is? Many old security standards such as WEP are known to have huge security holes. Call us and we can help!


  • Wireless Security

  • File Sharing

  • Printer Sharing

  • Remote PC Access

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Extend Your Wireless Network Range

Hardware repair


Laptop Power Jack Repair Nairobi Kenya


With our hardware knowledge, we can help you determine whether your computer is worth fixing, or if it should be replaced. Since we can solder most circuit board parts, it allows us to fix your machine much cheaper than our competition, since we don't have to replace full circuit boards. 
Typical parts we repair on desktops and laptops are:


  • Hard Drives

  • Power Jacks

  • Motherboards

  • Laptop Screens

  • Power Supplies

  • RAM



Data Recovery


Nairobi Kenya Data Recovery


Has your computer died with all of your important data? Years upon years of priceless family photos, or business documents are sitting on your corrupt hard drive. Let us recover your data for you, no need to spend thousands somewhere else. We offer data recovery, and have a very high success rate, if we can't retrieve your data we don't charge you.




Starting @ $75





Faster Computer Nairobi Kenya


Is your computer not as fast as the first day you bought it? Most software programs you add to a machine, will install an item to run on startup, even though it is not required to make the program run; these programs running on startup are taking up your vital resources. Let us speed up your computer by doing a wide variety of speed up techniques!


  • Remove Unecessary Start-Up Programs

  • Hard Drive Defragmentation

  • Free Up Hard Drive Space

  • Tweak Windows Performance Settings

  • Check Hard Drive Physical Fitness

  • Clean Unnecessary Registry Keys


Only $40



Offsite Secure Backup Nairobi Kenya




We offer a secure offsite backup solution that gives you the confidence you need knowing that your data is backed up. We can set your system up remotely to automatically backup for you, at a convenient time, such as when you're sleeping. This secures your data against: Hardware failure, house fires/floods, power surges, and theft.


  • Secure

  • Automated

  • Starting @ $5/Month

  • Check Out Our Full Price Sheet