What's included with your free diagnostic?

-No strings attached free diagnostic
-A Synopsis of what is wrong and needs repaired
-An estimated up-front quote 
-Our opinion whether the repairs are worth the costs

How long does a typical diagnostic take?

-We can usually diagnose your machine in 24 hours, some cases can take longer.

Why is my machine running slowly?

-We run into three very common issues:

  • Virus Repair

If you'd like to do some self-diagnostics, Microsoft provides a program that can quickly scan your machine for Virus infections. Find out if you need virus repair by clicking on this tool Here.

  • Hard Drive is starting to fail

If your Hard Drive is starting to fail, that means there are blocks (sections where data is stored) on your hard drive that are becoming non-readable/writeable. When your computer tries to access those blocks your computer will hang and become almost un-usable. For a Free tool to check your Hard Drive blocks click Here

  • Lack of System Memory

System memory, or sometimes referred to as RAM, is used to temporarily store data before it is processed by the processor. A good indication that your system needs more system memory installed is if your computer really bogs down when you open multiple programs at one time.

We recommend the following quantity of System Memory for each Operating System:

  • Windows XP - 1GB for basic users 
    2GB+ for advanced users

  • Windows Vista/7 - 2GB for basic users
    4GB+ for advanced users

To check your installed system memory, follow the link by clicking Here

If you'd like us to check any of this out for you, no problem, we provide free diagnostics!


Signs that you need virus repair

  • Slow or no internet connection
  • Slow overall performance
  • Pop-ups
  • Hidden Files
  • Programs promising to fix your machine if you give them your credit card