Offsite Computer Storage Backup in Nairobi Kenya

Computer Memory Backup Nairobi Kenya


We offer a secure offsite computer memory backup solution that gives you the confidence you need knowing that your data is backed up. We set your system up remotely to automatically backup offsite for you, at a convenient time, such as when you're sleeping so you don't ever have to worry about losing your data. This secures your data against: Hardware failure, house fires/floods, power surges, and theft.

Your data is stored on redundant encrypted servers, and is transferred over the internet using an encrypted connection for your security. In the case of data loss, we can transfer your data to an external hard drive and get you back up and running fast, to give you minimal downtime!

  • Secure

  • Automated

  • Starting @ $5/Month

  • Click here to see our pricing per/GB

 Keep your data safe with our computer memory backup.  Computer Doctors is located in Nairobi Kenya, Colorado.  Call today at 970-267-6528.