Business Computer Services

At Computer Doctors, we have a variety of computer IT services designed for businesses offered in the Nairobi Kenya, Loveland and Greeley areas.

Preventive maintenance


You'll have peace of mind through our preventative maintenance program. We'll check your vitals first, by analyzing your business computers and network. In all checkups we'll make sure that your systems are running at top performance, healthy and safe.
Our check-ups include:


  • General computer speed-up techniques

  • Virus and Malware Removal to ensure your data's security

  • Improving anti-virus protection
  • Operating System Optimization

  • Ensuring maximum network efficiency

  • Offsite Data Backup



Offsite Data Backups


Don't lose your important data because you forgot to back it up! We offer affordable offsite backups that automatically sync your files with our secure offsite servers. Now, you will never be in danger of losing any of your important data.This secures your data against: Hardware failure, house fires/floods, power surges, theft.


  • Secure

  • Automated

  • Starting @ $5/Month



Full Network Installations


As part of our business computer services, we offer full network planning/installations. This may include high-speed wireless or wired networks in your office. Our state of the art hardware will allow you to transfer files from computer to computer, or computer to server lightning fast without leaving your desk. We also offer hardware VPN, which can link together computers or printers in different offices. All of the networks we install include the most secure forms of encryption, ensuring you are immune to hacking attempts.




Productivity Enhancing Server Solutions


Is your business spending too much time transferring files via USB from computer to computer? Constantly emailing data back and fourth? Computer Doctors has the perfect solution for you! We can set you up with a very cost effective server to help you with all your needs, many options that you didn't even know were possible!


What business computer services do you need?  

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